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what a cute




  • Calling Aoba and several other characters gay or “homos” when, canonically, they are bisexual or pansexual
  • Calling Aoba a slut/cumslut as if all of his sexual experiences happened in one universe or held no emotional value 
  • Calling Aoba a slut period. I thought tumblr was against slut shaming, it’s unwarranted and unnecessary
  • Reducing the Ren/Aoba pairing to “omg he f-cked the dog!!!!”
  • Completely ignoring Mink when referring to all of the different romantic routes and/or replacing him with Mizuki when talking about “all the boyfriends” 


by マイクロクラック


Get to know me | Male characters [1/10] : Kumou Tenka

"I chose being a brother over the nations’s future."


When Rei gets mad, he’s insanely crazy. I’ll never forget this one time when I was nine…

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Preview of Re:code shown on N+C’s stream. Screens showing Mizuki’s sprite at startup on the PS VITA, Morphine Aoba (AND DAT MORPHINE MIZUKI) and replacements for the sex scene in Clear’s route.


huskies are such fucking idiots i want 10048 of them

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