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Illustration from new MAGI DVD

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I’ve gained many things during the past fifteen years. 


Shaci’s reading some fic and every time i glance over at her she has this huge dopey grin on her face

what a dork


Before job: *worries about money*

With job: *worries about money*


petting zoo of grandkids

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"pssst you should send me YOUR kourenao headcanons and prompts so I can read them and weep and maybe put them in my cereal"
asked by teratomass


YOOOOOOOOOOOO I have no idea when you sent this friend cause I’ve been at my friend’s house for like, the past 5 hours and I haven’t checked my inbox until now and I am a lil drunk BUT I WILL GIVE YOU SOME KOURENAO HEADCANONS BECAUSE YASSSSSSSS

So I like the idea of renao happening and then Koujaku getting tossed in the mix. Because Koujaku would probably feel the same regardless of whoever Aoba ended up with. But he’d just be so insecure about his past and Aoba accepting him and stuff. And he’d probably be super frustrated seeing his best friend/long time love suddenly being with Ren (who mind you would seem like he magically fucking appeared because what Ren was an allmate wtf he’s part of your conscious wait what he’s in your twin’s body whAT). But Koujaku would try to be supportive and he and Ren were good friends before so even though their relationship would be rocky at first Ren and Koujaku would grow close, and Koujaku would probably drunkenly confide in Ren one night about everything. And I mean everything. About how he left, about his family, about how he felt about Aoba, about how jealous he was of Ren that he got to have him. He’d finally reach his breaking point eventually and totally break down and it’d probably be around Ren rather than Aoba because he can’t be totally honest with him for fear of pushing him away or scaring him. Ren would just let him cry on his shoulder gently stroking his back letting him get all the weight off his chest. He’d probably not see Koujaku much after that, him trying to distance himself from Ren and Aoba but Ren being the good honest guy he is tells Aoba everything and urges him to try to talk with him. They finally convince Koujaku to meet up with them and it’s just kind of awkward idle talk for awhile until Aoba blurts out, “Ren told me everything…” and the blood drains from Koujaku’s face because he vaguely remembers spilling his guts to Ren and he’s on the verge of a panic attack when Aoba just gently holds his hand in his and pulls himself towards Koujaku, pressing his head into his neck and holding him, his own body shaking a little sputtering out, “I would never hate you Koujaku… I could never hate you… I love you so much please don’t hide yourself anymore…” Koujaku sits there for a few moments until he feels hot tears trail down his cheeks, unblinking, barely breathing, air caught in his chest tight and painful. Until be breathes again and the choking sobs emanate from him, muffled and painful into Aoba’s shoulder, hands gripped to his back for dear life. It’d take him awhile to calm down but after a bit he’d feel something on his head and look up, Ren stroking his bangs out of his eyes gingerly, seeing his hair stuck to his face from tears smeared across his features. He’d reach out and hold Ren’s hand in that moment, lacing their fingers together and he wouldn’t need to say it but he’d be grateful because he doesn’t have to hide it anymore. How sorry and lonely and fucked up he feels. And Ren would nuzzle his forehead against Koujaku’s, his other arm wrapping tightly around him as well. The three of them sitting there letting their emotions meld and settle within one another, accepting and loving one another because even if the world and their lives were fucked up, they wouldn’t have to deal with it alone.

if i see one more post bashing koujaku for calling aoba a lot when he was kidnapped (not to mention almost getting GANGBANGED) one more time i s2g ok if your best friend just disappeared and you were tipped off that they may have been taken by someone you would just sit there and do nothing????? ok




Pandora Hearts Vol.22

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