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colonelingus replied to your post: noirette is not a word neither is bluenette or any…

‘noirette’ actually IS a word, it just sounds dumb as fuck lol

WAT really???

yeah it does sound dumb as fuck

only the pandora hearts fandom uses these words i fucking swear

though i saw “bluenette” describe kanda once lmao

DATE: Feb 04 2013

TAGGED: colonelingus.
  1. ja-mint said: I’ve seen ette added to everything…it bothers the hell out of me for some reason… :I
  2. xigbarf said: YES REALLY :| i saw it used in a South Park fic and I looked it up and was like “oh. it’s… real. well then” hahaha but srsly “bluenette” i can’t even HOW =__=
  3. sindere posted this
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