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hey so if stuff comes out tomorrow and since tumblr’s going to be down, if you wanna talk about it and theorize and stuff, contact me on aim at shacicake :33

here’s the giselle/odette thing i’m working on~~

She doesn’t know what has drawn her to this particular bedroom door that night. Was it the creaking dark or the tossed shadows reflected through the vanity mirror that had long since been covered since laughing moonlight hit the window? Odette does not know, yet here she is, shivering in front of the large oak barrier, wondering if the comfort she’s longing for is thinking of her, too. With shaky fingers, she finds the doorknob and lets herself inside. It’s dark of course, save for the jolly stream of silver that seems to mock her at every gleam.

Then she hears it.

A soft little thing, a light breath of elegance mixed into a deep whimper of something good, something sweet. Odette holds herself still, only halfway through the heavy door as her green eyes, almost as bright as the sun itself, settle toward the left side of the room.

Giselle is there, somber and moving and Odette’s stomach is suddenly tight and she ponders for just a brief moment if she should leave. But no, no, the woman is like a magnet and the door is closed, Odette now only a few feet away curious and watching. It’s like an addictive dance of pink and pearl, short gasps echoing into the warm summer air and strands of brilliant blonde fall over a bare shoulder as she leans forward.


And it’s with a start when Giselle opens her eyes, her mind almost too far gone when the delicate form of her friend blurs into a pretty swirl of white sunshine and she jerks, turning her head to muffle her sounds as her hips roll with feverent release, chest swelled and arched with each broken moan.

「 ۵ 」