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don’t mind me, just a bit of inspo <3

He could never be normal. He knows, and he tries his best, but tonight something pitiful settles into the deepest part of him and it proves that wishes aren’t real.

Eventually, Ja’far finds himself in a dim hallway, the trickle of laughter several steps behind finally becoming numb to his ears. There’s a small stool by the window and his legs nearly give out when he sits and surely the moon must be laughing.

The moon…

Ja’far stares out the window, each bit of light reminding him of all the bright things he’s encountered so far, what Sinbad has shown with such enthusiasm. “Sin.” Ah, the reason he’d went off on his own in the first place. Just thinking about it sends another throb through his chest. When had it gotten so hard to be around them, around him? He’d read things about when boys start becoming men, but it’s not the same, it can’t be. When the tears start to fall, Ja’far still tries to push any stupid idea he has about Sinbad out.

Jealousy is an ugly thing.

She’s trembling.

Koujaku never thought something like this would—could happen. Her fingers graze blue wonder gently, exposed skin sticky and quaking beneath the other’s tongue. Aoba’s good at this, her mouth wet and warm and sucking at every sensitive inch of scarred flesh and her attention’s quite sneaky with brief kisses over Koujaku’s sex. “A-Ao…!”

Gold eyes look straight into her own, lips slick with want and a smirk graces soon after and she’s focused on her prize again, hands soothing as they pry Koujaku’s legs further apart. “Mm.” Ah, such a dirty noise.

Her thighs squeeze in, gasping the other’s name hotly when Aoba’s eager licks roll over her again and she’s losing it—

Reality hits when Koujaku arches off the bed, moans hidden behind the deep red cloth of her sleeve. “A-Aoba,” drips from painted lips, smeared from sucking at her own fingers and soon the scarlet familiarity of her room comes into focus.

All because of that scene, huh. A pink mouth, the quiet beat of music, and bare legs…

She picks up her coil from the floor, only an hour passing since she left Aoba’s place. “How shameless of me.”

It was a quick parting and frankly, Koujaku hadn’t planned to go to Aoba’s that night, but there was something about that day that urged him to keep his promise of dropping by in the near future and who would’ve thought it’d really be about four hours later.

The house is quiet when Koujaku lets himself in and he’ll hopefully play it off in such a way that Tae won’t give him an earful for being disrespectful. Either way things may go, there’s no one around to witness his little break in.

Maybe they’re not home yet…? It’s a dumb thought, the door being unlocked after all. He discards his footwear and shoulder bag by the shoe rack and makes his way upstairs. Maybe he’d give that brat a scare. Aoba’s door is cracked open as always and Koujaku peeks in, ready to make his move, but the surprise he was about to let slip dies in his throat.

Aoba’s on his side, soft blue hair messy across pillows and fingers slack across his cheek with an appearance of peaceful slumber. Koujaku can hear the faint rhythm coming from the headphones and wonders if he’s dreaming. He’s walked in on Aoba dozing before, yet something’s different now. He can feel, too, a tight knot growing in his stomach and he knows it’s probably too late at this point. Hell, it’s always been too late and Koujaku’s never been a good liar.

There’s a clatter downstairs followed by faint yelling and it makes Koujaku jump and knock into the door, the hinges squeaking a bit and his heart starts to beat a little faster when Aoba shifts, eyes still closed.

“Ah…,” he whispers, leaving the door be before he further interferes with such a scene and Koujaku leans against the wall, cheeks pink and he just feels a little too hot.


No one likes a late present~ Here’s my Magi Secret Santa gift for Preta!

Sinja dabblings on how far they’ve come along. There will most likely be a part two in the near future. I hope you like it!

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Author: sindere

Pairing: Fem!Sinbad/Ja’far

Rating: R | Word Count: 394 | Warnings: Sexual content

Summary: It was a bittersweet affair at first.



"Sin, you know I don’t drink."

"Except when you do!"

Ja’far has to admit, the bounce he hears in his King’s voice is one he thought had died long ago. “Mm, so what’s the occasion?”

Sinbad sets down the fragrant pitcher before turning around and gracing the other’s hand with a filled glass. “When it’s a beautiful night like this, and the people are dancing with their bellies well-fed, is that not the perfect one?”

He lets him talk, a small smile falling on his lips as Sinbad remembers times of their youth and that this scene of theirs happened before, right when Sindria had grown anew.

"Good times," Ja’far says, taking the first sip of tangy wine since he’d received it. "I hope you’re not hinting at going abroad again, you know you’re old back can’t handle it anymore—Sin!"

"Hey now, I can’t let you get away with calling me old all the time," Sinbad remarks with a grin after he’s pulled Ja’far to him. "Remember, you’re slowly insulting yourself with that word as the years go on."

"Yes, yes." Though they played this game often, Ja’far never can keep straight-faced, instead showing that ridiculous flush, but how could he not when Sinbad’s this happy. "Shall I pour you another round, my King?"

Sinbad glances down at their nearly full cups. “Are you suggesting something?

Their eyes meet rather quickly. “Want to find out?”


It’s empowering to hear her name like this, soft and lewd and Sinbad watches as more shades of cream and decor are tossed away. Ja’far’s cheeks are a lovely shade of rose, freckles brushed with an allure that only Sinbad herself is able to capture, and she’s good at that. “This is natural for you, isn’t it, or rather, it’s unacknowledged?”

Ja’far’s already moving in, body so close she can almost feel the heightened pulse when her lips barely come to meet heated skin under the woman’s ear. “Don’t ask stupid things, Sin.”

Their frequent affairs always start quickly like this, teasing and hot until Ja’far is seated across Sinbad’s thighs, her own tightly squeezed around them. Her Queen is eager, smeared marks and bites already decorating across pale flesh. “S-Sin…ah!” Why must she be so sensitive, no matter where or how Sinbad touches her. She withers beneath those thick lips, bumps raising down her arms as her fingers dance within those dark, soft locks.“You had so many offers tonight, yet you—mmm—stole me away from my duties, hm?”

Sinbad does not respond right away, fingers tugging the dark sash spilled around Ja’far’s hips loose. “There wasn’t much more,” she murmurs, hands wandering up a thin waist and over something much more satisfying. Pink puckers beneath her touch and she grins when Ja’far’s breath hitches under the contact. “I’d like for my right-hand lady to exhaust herself elsewhere tonight.”

why don’t i ever finish anything i start

You ask yourself how you can still laugh.

The weather is a wonderful thing today, bright and happy with just the inkling of a soft, sea breeze, and you allow yourself this one time to actually enjoy it. You’re sure he’d be amazed by how much you’ve changed. It’s almost haunting.

You’re no King. You could never amount to him.

And you try to hold back, knowing you can’t fall down his path despite how dark you’ve already become, the black side of fate eating you alive. Even Aladdin’s different around you.

He passed on his own curse. “Sin, you’re such a fool, a cruel man….”

Live for me.

The ink tips over, but you let it soak through, showing the monster you really are. It’s too late.

Sinbad had always been used to death—his parents, comrades, and even life taken by his own hand.

But now, he has never felt so low.

Ja’far tells him after the news that she expected it. A disgusting body such as hers is never meant to nurture. Even as calm as she had been, Sinbad witnessed that dark grey dim slowly into the the black it had been so many years ago.

The scroll room is quiet, nothing by the soft scratches of his own mindless scribbling echoing off of Ja’far’s and it takes everything he had not to just fling the damn quill elsewhere. “Ja’far.”

“Mm? Yes, my King?” Ja’far barely spares him a glance, as if the bags under her eyes were enough to anchor her to the ivory paper.

“……” Hah, useless really did ring true right now. “Are you sure that you’re—”

“Sin, please, what’s done is done, just—please work!”

It’s with that crack that he’s at her side in seconds. “You’re not alone anymore, Ja’far, you never have been! Bare it all, bear it with me, she was mine, too!”

Ja’far grit her teeth, it being all the worse when Sinbad indicates he’d actually been thinking about it. “You should have known I can’t mother anything.”


probably not what you had in mind, anon, but i tried and wow this just kind of went everywhere i’m sorry

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